TikTok Hair Trends 2020

TikTok is the new platform that has created a brand new style for us to gush over. Tiktok hair trends (and the  E-girl aesthetic) are inspired by the 90s, 00s, anime, video games and cartoon characters. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite hair trends from TikTok that require minimum effort and have a big impact.

1. Chunky Highlights

We’ve seen this trend emerge over the past few months and it doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Tiktok has born the new ‘cool girl’ and she has chunky highlights.

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Inspired by the 90s, this look is achieved by bleaching the front sections of the hair, creating a blocky blonde that contrasts the natural hair colour. You can go as little or as big with the blonde streak as you like! We’ve had a few appointments in our own salon recently to do this and we love the way something so small can have such a big impact.

2. Short fringe

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Another look popularised by Tiktok, the short fringe is often paired with heavy pink blusher and drawn on freckles. If you’re looking for something small to edge up your style, this is it. It can be scary to take the plunge but totally worth it!

3. Streaky Fringe

A combination of the two previous points, a short fringe with chunky highlights. At this point, you can stick a blonde highlight anywhere in your hair and look cool. We love the combination of a choppy fringe with somewhat messily placed highlights, it’s the ultimate ‘too cool to care’ vibe.

4. Messy up-do

A look that requires no hair cut or colour.

Sleek up-dos are a thing of the past on TikTok. It’s all about tying up your hair, then wildly pulling out strands till it looks like you woke up like this. The key part of this look is having those couple of strands that rest on your face and resisting the urge to tuck them behind your ears (at least for a photo). Paired with some eyeliner drawn hearts on your face and you’re the perfect E-girl.

5. Two Tone

If in doubt, two tone block colour. The formula is chunky highlights + hairclips = E-girl. You decide what colour and positioning of the chunky highlights on your hair and away you go. The possibilities are endless.

6. E-girl Pigtails

You can’t discuss TikTok hair and not mention the return of pigtails.

This is the most simple TikTok inspired hair. The first step is pigtails, then pull out bits of your hair to make them look messy and add butterfly clips/hair clips. As you can see, there is no thing as too many hair clips on TikTok.

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