From Bad Roots To Beautiful Blonde

This week we have been super busy blondifying a lot of our clients! Lockdown has let most of our roots grow out a lot longer than normal, so there have been some extra satisfying transformations. There are so many different combinations of blonde to suit all of our clients, and we are in love with them all ?

Vanilla Blonde Babylights

Babylights, toner and a good chop later, Georgie had one very happy client. We’re obsessed with this tone of vanilla blonde, it looks good enough to spread on top of a cupcake and eat. We all know blonde can be high maintenance, with trips back to the salon for re toning recommended every 6-8 weeks, but it is so worth it.

Blonde Colour Correction

From copper to blonde in one sitting! We love this ashy blonde toner that has completely counteracted the red in the before picture. One way to keep blonde hair looking fresh between toner appointments is with lilac shampoo and conditioner. Essential for every blonde.

Golden Balayage

This balayage by Tia makes us think that the sun has literally reached down and planted a little kiss on her clients hair. The very definition of sun kissed glow is this golden balayage.

Platinum Blonde

We are truly distraught that there is no before picture to go along with this one, but we had to include it anyway! When it comes to going platinum blonde, haircare is so so essential. If your hair can actually take that much bleaching, we commend you. We always use bond rebuilders in our bleach (like Olaplex) to protect your hair during the lightening process, but going this blonde can take a toll on your hair if you don’t look after it correctly. This client’s choice to not have a root smudge means it looks extra extra blonde ? but root touchup appointments will likely be more frequent.

Blonde With Root Smudge

Fresh blonde toned to perfection. This blonde lob was created by Lauren, her client prefers to have a root smudge (or a shadow root) which means a slight bit of her natural root is blended in with her new hair colour. Root shadows are a really effective way of making a blonde look more natural, and also means when the hair starts growing out, there’s less of a harsh line between root and colour. You can read more about root shadows in our previous blog post here.


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