Colour Correction

A hair colour mistake can be horrifying. Whether you coloured your hair yourself or had it coloured at another salon, looking in the mirror and finding that your colour is nothing like you wanted or expected can leave you feeling miserable. You were hoping for a colour that would brighten your look and make you feel confident and beautiful. Instead, you feel worse than you did with your old colour. Don’t panic!

The hair colour specialists at our salon in Exeter provide great colour correction services at an affordable price.

Your colourist will look at your hair, discuss the look you were originally going for and explain what went wrong. After the damage is assessed, safe gentle products will be used to give you an attractive colour so you can feel terrific about the way you look.

You can use the colour correction service at our Exeter hair salon for an extreme colour change—from very dark to very light or vice versa—that went wrong, colour that was left on too long, ends that have been over-coloured or any other hair colour problem.Our colour specialist will fix your colour and let you know how you can avoid any further problems.

Remember, you’ll always look fantastic with colour created and applied by an expert colourist at our Gandy Street salon. Remember if you are looking for colour corrections in Exeter that we are always here to help.

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All of our stylists are highly trained, and will work tirelessly to ensure you are completely happy with the result. If you aren’t we will keep working until you are. It is our job to ensure you leave our salon feeling amazing and we won’t stop until we achieve that for you.

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