Would Short Hair Suit Me?

When a woman is considering going short with her hair, she’ll ask everyone she knows if they think it will look good, from her friends to her coworkers, and of course, her stylist. But there’s actually an easy way to tell if short hair will suit you and all you need is a ruler.

The 2.25” rule was discovered and coined by popular hairstylist and product creator, John Frieda.

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According to Frieda, who studied the angles of hundreds of faces, the angle of one’s jawbone is what determines whether they would look better with short or long hair. Therefore, my measuring the angle of your jawbone, you can easily figure out your best look before you ever even go under the scissors.

To figure it out on yourself, simply place a pen or pencil horizontally under your chin and then hold a ruler vertically, beginning just under the tip of your ear. Then, check the measurement where the pen or pencil and the ruler intersect.
If it measures less than 2.25”, you are most likely to rock short locks. However, if it measures anything more than the magical 2.25”, you would probably look best with long hair.

It’s all about proportion and angles. So next time you’re considering chopping off your locks, take a few minutes to try the ruler test first.

Sure, you can always ask your friends too… but the ruler never lies!

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