6 Things I Learnt From Working In A Hair Salon

I joined the Hair Boutique as a digital marketing apprentice in 2019. As a digitally minded borderline tomboy, I never ever thought I’d be working in a hair salon. But here I am, 2 years later with a hell of a lot of random hair knowledge to share with you. So here’s the inside scoop.

The magic of two shampoos

I’m not being dramatic when I say that there was an audible gasp when the stylists heard that I only shampoo my hair once in the shower. Who shampoos their hair twice? Turns out a lot of people. But this is one tip that I would actually recommend to everyone. The first wash loosens up all the dirt from the scalp and the second wash flushes it all away (the stylists words – don’t just take it from me). If you can spare a little extra shampoo, treat yourself to a double shampoo. You won’t regret it.

How to make your stylist’s day

You don’t have to leave a cash tip to make your stylist’s day (though that does also help). The smile on your face at the end of the appointment really makes your stylist happy. Hairdressers really love what they do and when they see your new found confidence they are honestly happy for the rest of the day. I’ve seen it in action many times.

Running on time

The quickest way to stress out a hairdresser is to show up 15+ minutes late for an appointment. Often stylists have clients booked in back to back and just one client showing up late can have a huge knock-on effect to their day. If you’re going to be late to an appointment, just give the salon a quick call!

Toner is the thing colouring your hair

Before working at the salon, I thought bleach was the only thing I needed to make my hair blonde. Bleach is actually the absence of colour, it removes your natural colour pigment and leaves your hair a yellowy blonde. A toner is then added which creates the lovely ashy blonde/golden blonde/coppery red/any colour that you want. Maybe you did know that, but I had no clue.

And when it comes to toner, it isn’t as simple as selecting blonde or brown. These stylists are out back concocting a mixture of 3 or more toners to get the exact shade that you ask for. It’s all very scientific.

Box dye drama

I am guilty of not only box dying my hair, but also bleaching it from home with a cheap bleach from Superdrug. When I started working at the salon, my hair was absolutely fried. Luckily with the help from a loooot of Olaplex treatments, I got my hair back up to strength.

So I have learnt that box dye is just not worth it. I’ve also seen a number of clients have to be turned away because box dye would either prevent their hair from lifting correctly or their hair was just not strong enough to handle bleach.

Hair wash days

Nobody washes their hair less than a hairdresser. I’m talking maybe twice a week. But it’s not out of laziness (mostly). Over-washing and shampooing your hair strips away the natural oils and leads to dryness and damage. I’ve come to learn that the less you wash your hair, the better. I’m still trying to train my hair to go more than one day between washes – it’s not easy but I know my hair will be better off for it.

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