The New Goldwell Elumen Play Range

Coming very soon to our salon is Goldwell’s new colour range – Elumen Play.

If you like to make a statement with your hair, you’re going to love it. If you’re thinking of just dipping your toes in the primary hair coloured pond, you’re also going to love it.

The Goldwell Elumen Play range boasts 13 head turning shades, in pastels or pure. From fiery red to sweet lavender, you can pick the shade that feels like you. The best part is, it’s semi permanent colour that lasts up to 10-15 washes. So if it’s your first time experimenting with your shade, it’s permanent enough to get people talking, but semi permanent enough to wash out. Of course, depending on your after care the colour can last for longer or shorter.

Text on pink background reading "Out of the box is in".Woman with bright pink short hair over her face.

The colours are bold enough in their own right, but mixing two together? You’ve got some fashion week worthy locks. The colour is designed to sit on both the outer and inner levels of the hair cuticle layer, which creates intense colour.  The shine and care technology creates a healthy hair glow that lasts. Our salon stocks Goldwell aftercare products and suitable shampoo and conditioners so you can maintain the colour to the highest standard. We’re always here to give professional advice!

When you’re ready to try out a new shade, Goldwell have an Elumen Play Eraser which is designed to remove all Elumen Play colours from pre-lightened hair, so you have a fresh canvas to work with.

Goldwell’s instagram account is a goldmine of hair inspiration, here’s some of our favourites that you can achieve with Elumen Play:

1. Peach Power

This peach ombre proves you can go soft and make a statement. We love it because it’s not a colour we see very often, but we’re firmly on board with the peach for autumn trend that’s emerging. Make a note, it’s shade blush coral from the pastels range.

2. Two toned teal

Mix and match 😍. Create your own colour matches for your signature style and be unapologetically unique.

3. Red illumination

We weren’t joking when we said it’s VIBRANT. Shade is fiery red FYI.

4. Spicy roots

Reds, purples, pinks and hints of blue. On the other end of the red spectrum, this creative colour is more art than hair.

5. Hi Vis

If you’re a blonde tired of fighting the yellow tones, join the neon revolution. A colour that may well get you sent home early from work, but damn it’s worth it.

Here’s the full colour range! It will soon be available in our salon, so if you fancy changing up your hair in a big or small way, DM us on Facebook for more info.

Chart showing colours of hair dye and their names.

Which colour would you try? Let us know in the comments!

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