Love Island 2017 – The Real Winners!

Welcome to the Love Island Finals!

You’ve chosen to crown Ken and Amber as your 2017 winners, but we’ve got other ideas…

Here at The Hair Boutique we have been watching developments on Love Island closely and we have held our own contest, based on the contestants hair! So read on as we reveal the true winners of Love Island 2017.

Our first winner is Chris! His sharp and edgy cut makes us totally melt. In order to keep his hair looking sleek, Chris would most likely use shine gel to control his locks and keep his look crisp.

Fun afternoon yesterday at @brentcross_sc ; won this rocket teddy @thebeachbrentcross too ??

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Our second winner is Gabby!

Gabby’s looks, although they may not be everyone’s type on paper, have totally won us over! Throughout the show Gabby went for fun, creative and confident styles which highlighted her personality. Staple products for a look like Gabby’s would be a volume shampoo and hairspray.

So, there you have it, our Love Island 2017 winners for hair! But it’s not over yet, in true ‘Love Islander’ style we must now crown our runners up.

Our first runner up is Kem. Sadly he hasn’t joined his new found brother in arms; Chris, but he’s still at a good spot. Kem’s curly and wavy locks were just as unruly as he was, which is why we loved them of course! Kem displayed a laid back and longer gents style with a ‘beachy’, ‘surfer boy’ vibe. Products suitable for this look would be curl taming lotions and serums as well as sea salt spray to give it that texture and movement.

Back with my bru-a-therrr, going live in 45 gonna get a little bit ?

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Our second runner up is Montanna – a fierce girl with naturally fierce and frizzy hair. We’re crowning her our runner up for her ability to keep her afro locks sleek and tamed in that muggy weather. In order to achieve this she would have used de-frizz oils and anti humidity sprays.

Our third runner up is Sam. Sam is your ‘no hassle’ man, which his hair style reflects. He rocks a crisp but textured cut which appears effortless. To create this look we would suggesting wax or powder to create grit and texture.

Our fourth and final runner up is Chyna! This bleach blonde babe made a brief appearance on the show but her hair has made a lasting impression on us. Chyna displays the perfect silver/grey look that everyone is after. To maintain her trendy look Chyna would use toners on a regular basis to counteract any warm tones in her hair. She would also use purple shampoos, conditioners and treatments whilst in the villa to maintain that crisp colour.

got that fridayyy feeling? love this dress from @motelrocks hair by @chloesbeautybaressex ?

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So there you have, the real winners of love island 2017 – well not really 😉 We hope you have enjoyed our finals as much as the real one!

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