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If you’re looking for GHD Exeter, then this is for you! 
Do you love the look of freshly styled hair but hate the damage that you know you’re causing? Worry no more, for the new GHD Platinum Styler uses heat that is safer for hair, meaning you can still get the results you want plus stronger, shinier and healthier hair.

The secret is in the intelligent “Tri-Zone” technology. Three sensors in each plate of the iron ensure that the optimum temperature for styling (180 degrees) is consistently maintained across the entire plate, meaning no sudden surges or drops in temperature. This reduces hair breakage by over 50%, increases shine by 20% and is gentler on colour-treated hair.

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GHD Exeter

The innovative “wishbone hinge” also ensures that the plates are precisely aligned on the hair every time, meaning no slippage and more control whether you’re creating curls, waves or perfectly straight hair.

Styling is quicker and easier and the results are perfect every time, no matter what hair type you have. Plus the styler comes with a heat resistant plate guard that will protect the surfaces in your home, a sleep mode, universal voltage and a two year warranty so you can’t go wrong.

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What are you waiting for? Try it out today!

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