Let’s Talk About Restyles!

Considering taking the plunge and chopping off your locks? Or just enjoy the satisfaction of a good before and after hair collage? Our Stylists have been absolutely killing the restyles lately and we’d love to share their work with everyone.

What is a restyle?

What is the difference between a simple cut and a restyle? The answer is, a restyle is a big change. It’s changing the shape, layers, texture or style of the hair. It can often be going from long hair to a bob, or adding in undercuts/shaving.

A restyle requires more time, and (depending on the cut) might require a more experienced Stylist. Therefore, it’s important we know prior to the appointment whether our client wants a simple trim or a restyle. Feel free to book a consultation with one of our Stylists before getting a restyle if you’d like some advice.

Why have a restyle?

A restyle is a really good way to change up your look. If your hair is feeling a little lacklustre or dull, a restyle is a great way to breathe some life into your hair without using colour.

Many of our clients that have a restyle do it for charity. The Little Princess Trust is a charity that requires real hair donations to make wigs for young people suffering with hair loss conditions. It’s super easy to do and it’s so rewarding.

So, be prepared for hair envy as we present to you a whole lot of restyle inspiration:

Curly Bob

Our Senior Stylist, Lauren, created this beautiful asymmetrical bob. Who says short hair can’t have a curl? Added volume is one benefit of a restyle. When the heaviness and weight is removed, the hair is free to be voluminous and textured.


Take your restyle to the next level with an undercut. Shaving a section of the hair gives the traditional bob an edge. If your feeling brave enough, go for it!

Sharp Cut

A sleek bob with a line so precise you could cut your fingers on it. It’s giving us strong Jessie J vibes.

Asymmetric bob

If you’re not already convinced by a restyle, here’s one of our 12 year old clients, Suki, showing us how its done. Not only does she look amazing, she donated her long hair to a great cause. Suki donated her locks to The Little Princess Trust where it will be made into a wig for children and young people suffering with hair loss conditions. This is definitely something to consider if you’re planning a restyle. Read their hair guidelines here and see if you can donate too!


Give us a call on 01392 499162 if you would like to be booked in for a restyle or consultation ❤️

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