How To Prepare For Your Hair Consultation Exeter

How to prepare for your hair consultation Exeter

Why do we have consultations?

We always have a colour consultation with our new clients before dyeing their hair. This is so we can have a chat and figure out what you want from your colour and do a patch test. It gives our Stylists a chance to look at your hair and see what needs to be done to achieve your dream look. You can also book a cut consultation if you’re thinking about a restyle.

Hair consultation Exeter

What happens in a consultation?

Our consultation is a chat where you can tell us what colour and style you would like (or wouldn’t like) for your hair. One of our Stylists will ask you 6 important questions about your hair, you can read about that more here.  We book out 15 minutes for each consultation to ensure we get enough time to talk through your options.

We always do a patch test to make sure our products are safe to use on your skin.

Our Stylist will ask about your hair history to get a good idea of your hair’s condition. If there are any concerns, our Stylist will cut a small amount of hair and conduct a strand test. We apply bleach to the strands of hair and leave it for half an hour to see how your hair will react. We then call you to let you know whether we are happy to go ahead with the appointment.

If both you and your Stylist are happy with the consultation, we will take you to the reception to get booked in. You can choose what level of Stylist you would like and we will book in your appointment, a deposit may be required.

What happens if my strand test fails?

If your strand test proves that your hair is not strong enough to handle bleach, we cannot go ahead with the colour appointment. We never want to induce damage to our clients hair and cause it to break off. Our job is to make your hair healthier and stronger! If that is the case, our Stylists are here to offer advice going forward. Rebonding treatments are always available to get your hair back to health. This is a rare circumstance and only in extreme cases.

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Consultation tips

  • Come with an idea – If you’re not sure of the specifics that’s ok, we can help. But have a general idea ready. Do you want to go blonder? darker? more ashy or golden?
  • Do some research – It can be worth doing some research to see what techniques you like. Look up balayage and highlights. Think about whether you might want a root smudge. Our Stylist will answer all questions you have.
  • Bring photos – Bring pictures/screenshots of hair you like and hair you don’t like. This really helps us to create an image of what you want.
  • Be truthful – Don’t lie about your hair history, whether it’s good or bad! Our Stylists need to know what previous colours could be hiding underneath. This includes box dyes and lightening sprays. We’re not here to judge, we just want to provide the best service we can.
  • Be on time – We want enough time to chat with you about your hair goals!

To book in a free hair consultation in Exeter, call us on 01392 499162 or book online here. We can’t wait to see you! ❤️

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