What Makes a Good Exeter Hairdresser

Are you looking for a new Exeter hairdresser?

These days there are so many hairdressers with salons popping up on every corner. But it’s important to not trust your hair to just anyone. A good Exeter hairdresser will help you to always look your best, but they’ll also teach you how to have healthy hair for a long time and how to keep your look going when you’re at home.

So what makes a hairdresser “good” anyway?

  • Honesty – First off, a good hairdresser will be honest with you. That means they will tell you the truth about that hair colour or cut you’re asking for, no matter how excited you are. If it will look great on you, they’ll tell you that. But they’re also going to tell you if it’s a bad idea too.
  • Knowledge – Great hairdressers spend time developing their craft and knowledge base. They read articles, attend trainings and take classes. They know the qualities of various hair types and know what works with them and what doesn’t.
  • Good Listeners – A good hairdresser will really take the time to listen to your concerns and your desires about your hair. They will ask questions to clarify or further the discussion and they won’t start any services until you both are on the same page.
  • Attention – When a good hairdresser has a client in their chair, it is time to work. Not time to chat with friends, play on their phone or watch TV. Good hairdressers will give you their undivided attention for the whole appointment, making you feel special and appreciated.
  • Explanations – A good hairdresser won’t do treatments and services on you without explaining what they are doing. Instead, they will inform you about the steps they are taking, the products they are using and what you need to do at home to recreate the same look.
  • Humble – Good hairdressers are always willing to admit their mistakes and correct them. If a colour or cut does not come out right, a good stylist will not take it personally but will do everything they can to correct it.
  • It’s All About You – Great hairdressers are not out to push a particular product or service just because it’s on special or they’ll get a commission. They are interested in what is best for YOU and will focus only on that.
  • Punctual – Your time is valuable, so a good hairdresser will always respect that and be on time. They won’t make you wait in the lobby for a half hour and they will get you out the door on time so your schedule stays on track.
  • Pleasant – Let’s face it. You can sometimes be in your stylist’s chair for a long time, so you want it to be a pleasant experience. Good hair stylists will maintain a pleasant attitude, engaging in conversation with you and remembering details about your life because it is important to them. They won’t ever get rude or snippy with you and they keep their personal business out of the salon.
  • Skills! – Of course, you want your hairdresser to be skilled in what they do and have proven experience of quality cuts, colours and styles. But it’s not just about the skills.

A truly great hairdresser will not just have the skills and expertise, but will have all of these personality traits as well. It’s what sets them apart from all the rest and makes them a stylist worth coming back to again and again! So if you are looking for a new Exeter hairdresser, why not check us out? Feel free to pop in to see us for a free consultation, click here to book your appointment.

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