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We’re hitting that time of year again where everyone is saying “I do”. Wedding season is upon us and we’re so excited! Us brits love a good wedding and more importantly we love wedding hair, makeup and atire! In this blog post I’ll be talking you through 2018’s biggest wedding hair trends.

1. In at number one we’ve got the Mesmerinsingly Messy Plait.
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This plait is so easy to create but looks so intricate and stunning with hair pieces added to give that bridal feel. Here’s how to re create it. If you have thin to medium hair we would suggest using hair extensions to really bulk out the braid. Then create a low simple plait, keeping it tight to begin with. Then after you’ve created the plait go in and start pulling at it to create a messy and textured look. Lastly (if you would like to) add some flowers into the plait or a bridal headband or clip to give it the elegant finish. Use some firm hold hairspray and your good to go!

2. Simple Low Bun
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This next hairstyle is super easy too and looks so classic. In order to achieve this look start with smooth curls. Brush your hair into a low pony, making sure your roots are smooth and sleek. Then take your ponytail and roll it up and pin it to the base of the ponytail. Trust me for a second… Once you’ve done that make sure its nice and secure using pins. Then go in with a large bridal clip/hair piece and place it above the low bun in order to cover any pins that may be showing. Lastly pull some pieces from the bun to achieve a bohemian feel and finish with hairspray!

3. One For The Shorties!
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This style is stunning and so boho. For you girls rocking the bobs, this style is guaranteed to wow on your big day. Begin by creating beachy waves in your hair. Add sea salt spray for added hold and texture. Once you are happy with your waves go in with a tiara, floral headband, braid or clip to add the finishing touches.

4. The Classical Bride
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This style is probably our favourite yet. So easy and so classic looking. Begin by straightening your hair and getting it as sleek as possible. The create a deep middle parting. Then back comb your crown area and create maximum volume. Finish with a light serum through then ends and some hairspray all over and your ready for the aisle.

Here you go brides to be, these are our top 4 2018 wedding hairstyles for you to get inspo from. I wonder what Meghan Markle will go for on her big day…?

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