Student Hair Exeter

Whether you’re planning a night out, are preparing for your first job interview or are ready to completely change your look, the Hair Boutique is the place to go for the perfect hairstyle.

The time you spend as a student is a time of transformation from youth to adulthood. It’s a time to rethink the image you show to the world. At the Hair Boutique on Gandy Street in Exeter, we can help you discover the look that will let the person you are inside shine through.

Our expert hairdressers offer a wide variety of services for students, at affordable prices, from colour and cut to restyles and extensions.

Student Hair Exeter

Come for a simple cut to look polished and groomed, or be more adventurous and go for a complete restyle. Give yourself a break from the stress of studying by letting us blow dry your hair for you. Experiment with colour. Put your hair up and show everyone how sophisticated you’ve become, or let big curls or extensions display your fun, sexy side.

Need a low maintenance style? If your studies don’t leave you much time for your hair, or you’d rather spend your time socializing with friends than applying hairspray, you can still look great. Your hairdresser will create an easy-to-care-for style that brings out your most beautiful features. She’ll always listen to you to make sure you get exactly the style you want.

Student Hair Products

Late nights and lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your hair. To keep your hair healthy and glowing, whichever style you choose, you need nourishing hair products that don’t harm your hair and can undo damage from heat styling and a hectic lifestyle.

We supply shampoos, conditioners and styling products for all hair types and all hairstyles, to keep your hair looking its best. Whether you want to add volume, keep frizz at bay or maintain an extreme style, we have the products that will work for you. Your stylist can help you decide which products are right for you. Stop by our salon whenever you need a refill.

Have you been neglecting your hair? Take a few minutes out of your schedule and make an appointment for a consultation at the Hair Boutique today.

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