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Yes we’re on it early, but we’re just so excited to share the trends for prom this year! We want to give you gals the heads up on what’s hot and how you can re create these looks for your special event. Prom is your time to shine and celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in through your academic years. So sit back and get inspired with these stunning looks.

The Messy Bun

This look is beautiful and so easy to do! The secret to perfection is to not make it perfect. Start by putting your hair into a loose ponytail and then wrapping your hair round and tucking the ends into the elastic. The pull pieces of hair down around your face and if you need to, loosen the bun and pull pieces out allowing them to fall and the back. Finish with a light hairspray. How easy?! Your guaranteed to look like an effortless beauty.

Gatsby Waves

This look screams Hollywood glam and is perfect for those who want something glam but low maintanence. Curl your hair with a 1 inch curling wand to create tight curls. Spray your hair lightly with hairspray and tease at the bottom below your chin to create volume. Finish with a pretty headband or leave it plain. Either way it will look stunning.


Disco buns

This look is for the girls that love to be different and have a bit of fun. These buns paired with more simplistic makeup would look stunning and so creative. Part your hair down the middle either normally or with a funky zig zag parting. Then twist each side into a little bun. Mix your fave glitter with some clear gel and apply it to you roots. And then you go. You now have fun unicorn roots and some super cool space buns.

Braid Hawk

This look is oh so cool and again oh so easy. It looks incredibly intricate and would be great for all you funky girls out there. Start by creating a high plait. (If you would like more volume use extensions). Then tuck the ends of the plait in at the bottom and secure with pins. Pin the braid along your head to secure it and if needs be pull the braid out slightly to give it a textured messy look.

Sparkly Pins

This look is simple and stylish. The pins will add a classic and girl feel to a simple hairstyle. Start by straightening the hair so it’s pin straight. Then put your hair into a side part. Finish by adding your pretty clips or grips all down the side of your hair.

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There we go ladies, we hope we’ve inspired you this year. Have fun re creating these trends and for all those attending prom this year…Enjoy!

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