Mushroom Blonde Is The New Low-Maintenance Summer Hair Colour

Another day, another new shade of blonde. Luckily for us, this time it’s mushroom blonde hair; a low maintenance-high impact colour that blew up on Pinterest.

It’s named mushroom blonde for a reason – the ashy colour challenges the classic blonde glow and replaces it with a charcoal bronde smoulder. Similarly to our mushroom friend, it’s multi-tonal. Highlights of light blonde mingle with ashy grey to create a refreshing new take on blonde.

If you fancy going against the sea of baby blonde we will see this summer, now is the perfect time to go against the grain and try out mushroom blonde.

Not quite blonde, not quite brown, mushroom is the perfect in between colour. Blondes that want to go darker or brunettes looking to lighten up, you’ve found the perfect shade!
Without the intense bleaching that we have to endure when going traditionally blonde, mushroom blonde is kinder to your hair and easier to upkeep.
Harsh regrowing roots? We don’t know her.

It goes without saying that it’ll be a trip to the salon to achieve this special colour. The complex mixture of tones require an experienced hand and trained eye.

Will mushroom blonde suit me?

Shroom blonde is all about the ashy grey undertones. Ash hair colours tend to work best if you have skin with cool undertones. To check if your skin has cool or warm undertones, have a look at the veins in your wrists. If they appear blue, it is likely your skin has cool undertones. If they appear green then your skin is warm toned. To make it confusing, you can be a mixture of both (the experts call that neutral toned).

But if you do have a warm skin tone and want to try out this new blonde craze, don’t let us stop you! You know what works best for you, and if you feel confident, go for it.

If you’re a dark brunette nervous to go blonde, find out if it’s possible for you.

What do I ask for at the salon?

If you ask your Stylist for a mushroom blonde hair colour and they stare back at you with blank eyes, simply ask for an ashy blonde with grey undertones (and explain to them it is a real thing – you’re not crazy). Have lots of pictures prepared on your phone for examples to make sure you get your desired hair!

If you do decide to try out this new fungal blonde (doesn’t quite have the same ring to it), make sure you know how to care for your coloured hair.



Is mushroom blonde a hit or a miss? Let us know what you think!

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