Introducing Goldwell’s BondPro+

We’re excited to introduce to you all, Goldwell’s BondPro. We’ve been banging on about Olaplex for years. As we are a salon specialising in colour, our client’s hair safety is always at the forefront of our minds. Olaplex is an integral part of our salon and now we have BondPro, which is Goldwell’s answer to Olaplex (but cheaper!)

What is BondPro?

BondPro is a product that protects and strengthens hair during the lightening process. It has 2 steps:

Your Stylist will mix BondPro Protection Serum in with the bleach to protect your hair when bleaching, then apply BondPro Nourishing Fortifier as a conditioning treatment after.

How does it work?

BondPro’s inter-amino formula penetrates the hair and protects the hair fibre from within. It strengthens the hair to prevent breakage during the colour process.

BondPro leaves hair looking healthier and deeply nourished. It can extend the lifetime of your colour. The healthier your hair is – the longer your colour will last!

It’s not just for colouring, you can get a standalone treatment if you hair needs some conditioning TLC.

What’s the difference between Olaplex and BondPro?

From our Stylist’s experience – they are both amazing. Olaplex is the original bond rebuilder that everyone knows about, but BondPro can be just as good.

There is a difference in price. BondPro works out cheaper for our clients. It’s half the price of an Olaplex (with colour service) and £10 cheaper as a standalone treatment.

While we may still recommend Olaplex for any dramatic dark brunette to blonde colour corrections – BondPro is perfect for everyday balayage, highlights and babylights.

BondPro doesn’t have any take home treatments yet (like Olaplex) but you can mix and match with a BondPro in salon and Olaplex products at home for extra haircare.

Why is a bond rebuilder necessary during colouring?

We wouldn’t ever dream of lightening a client’s hair without a protecting treatment, bleaching can be a very harmful process. If your hair is not strong enough to survive the bleaching, it will break off. We never want anybody to leave our salon with dry hair or breakage, therefore every lightening colour service requires a bond rebuilder (Olaplex or BondPro).

Olaplex and BondPro will ensure your hair is strong enough to withstand bleaching and leave your locks feeling healthy and soft!

If you would like to book in a colour appointment or a stand alone BondPro conditioning treatment, Call us on 01392 499162 to book in with us, or you can request an appointment online here.

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