Introducing Goldwell Elumen

Are You Ready For Intense, Long Lasting Colour?

If you’re tired of your hair colour fading and looking drab after just a few shampoos, your days of frustration have come to an end.

Goldwell Elumen hair colours achieve bright, intense colours from the inside out that are durable and healthy-looking, while packing up to 76% more colour intensity and 37% more shine than other comparable products. And because Elumen is peroxide and ammonia-free, it is odour free and gentle on hair.

The “magnet effect” that makes Elumen so unique draws pigments deep inside the hair where they anchor securely to hair, producing intense and long-lasting colour. But because Elumen also fills in the porous areas of the hair, it improves the structure and allows it to reflect light perfectly, resulting in brilliance and shine.

Ask your stylist about scheduling an Elumen colour service today and be sure to follow up with the right products like Elumen Wash, Elumen Treat and Elumen Care that will help you maintain your colour’s intensity and shine, while improving hair’s structure and comb-ability.

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