Hairstyles For A Rainy Day

Unfortunately we are experiencing one of the longest winters here in the UK! All of us are screaming for spring to begin but the wet weather continues. So we thought we’d give you some hair inspo for those wet and windy days when style is drowned out your hair can prevail.

1. Headband Tuck
This is one of our favourites because its so easy, practical and boho chic! Grab you favourite hairband and place it over your head. Begin tucking pieces of hair into the headband around your head until all your hair is tucked into the band. Pull pieces out around the front if you wish. This style is guarnteed to look chic and keep your hair in place and away from your face!
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2. Drape French Braid
This style is pretty and playful and allows you to let your locks flow even through the frizz inducing weather. Simply french plait your hair into a plait on the top of your head, allowing the rest of the hair underneath to flow. Enjoy this super easy and frizz taming style!
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3. A Simple Quiff
This style is in with the theme and satisfyling simple! Simply take your fringe and front section of your hair. Backcomb and pin back using grips. Easy effortless and keep your fringe out of the way:)
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4. Waves And A Hat
This style is wonderfully wearable. It’s the simplest style so far and looks super cute whilst keeping you dry! Simply create waves in the hair and pair them with your favourite hat and there you have a hairstyle that looks good and keeps you dry. Make sure to use a frizz taming serum after drying.
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5. Hairpile
This is for you curly girls out there. Use your curls to your advantage! Apply moose throughout your curls when wet. Once dry, grab all your hair and put it into a ponytail. Then pin your hair into a messy bun and your good to go! No matter how wet and windy it gets your style will stay!
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