Is your hair REALLY that bad? Tips for looking after your grey hair…

I recently had a lady come in to see me who was very concerned about the state of her hair. It was grey and admittedly it looked very frizzy, and my client was worried as she felt it was getting worse. She had recently seen a few other salons in town who had prescribed her with various lotions and potions such as expensive hair treatments shampoos and conditioners but these didn’t seem to making any difference. The sad thing was that she felt this was only going to get worse as her was going grey and there was nothing she could do about it. Also she felt that her problem was unresolved and she had spent lots of money.

However I wasn’t convinced this was the case.

Upon closer inspection I found that her hair was actually in great condition, it wasn’t that it was deteriorating, it was just changing its properties due her age. This is why none of the repair treatments she had purchased from the other salons had done any good! She didn’t need to have her hair repaired she just need to sort out the frizz – and this instance heat treatment was the answer. I blow dried it using the nozzle and a round brush concentrating the air flow and smoothing the cuticle. It didn’t need expensive treatments just showing who was boss.I did this for a few minutes and the results were amazing. This alongside hot airbrushes or straighteners will control naturally grey, wiry hair so don’t feel you have to put up with the frizz!. She was so happy and I was so relieved I had helped her and I felt her.

If you have any concerns about the condition of your hair drop me an email or call us on 01392 499162 and I will happily take a look for you. I am an Exeter based hairdresser with nearly 20 years of experience and would love to answer any questions you may have.

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