Spring is a time for new beginnings, new blooms and new looks! If you’ve been contemplating changing your hair colour, spring is a great time to make a change. Colour can update your look and make you feel fresher, more energetic and maybe even a little younger!
Make sure to choose a colour that works with your natural skin tone and facial features. For example, darker features and olive-toned skin look amazing with rich, brown tones, while pale skin pops against bright red hues.

From fiery auburns to icy cool blondes, this season has the perfect colour for everyone. Check out some of our favourite looks:


Forget golden, strawberry and dirty blonde. Icy, cool blondes are all the rage this season. Moving from a soft, warm palette to a dramatic, cool one is a bold move. And it will require more regular maintenance to keep up with dark roots, but the look is well worth it. This colour works best on pale skin tones and can be adjusted to be more platinum-toned for rosy complexions or more honey-based for peachy complexions.


Fiery red hair makes a bold statement and this season, it is popping up on numerous runways and magazine covers. Although the colour obviously makes a dramatic pop against pale skin tones, it actually works well on a variety of shades. If you’re feeling feisty and are ready to try out this eye-popping hue, make sure you have it done by a professional stylist and use quality colour-care products to protect its intensity.

Rich, dark tones like chocolate brown and raven black are making a comeback this season and are a great way to keep your hair looking silky and luxurious. Even those with naturally light hair can experiment this season by going darker and getting a dramatic look. This colour works on a range of skin tones but be sure to protect the pigments with frequent nourishing hair treatments.


There’s no matter way to say goodbye to the doldrums of winter than by adding some summery honey colour to your locks. No matter what your natural shade is, a touch of honey will lift your hair and your mood, while giving it warmth and vibrancy. It also works on a variety of skin tones and can be easily maintained with a quality colour care shampoo and conditioner.


If you thought the ombre-effect had gone out of style, you thought wrong. The look is still hot this season but has a new softer look. Instead of a bold contrast between the dark roots and blonde tips, the new look has a natural fading effect that cascades from top to bottom. Since the effect incorporates dark browns, warm caramels and light blondes, it works on most skin tones and can easily go from casual chic to dressed-up glam.
So what are you waiting for? Contact our salon and book an appointment to get your new sassy spring look today!

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