Is Balayage for You?

Balayage is a form of highlighting that’s used to create a natural, sun-kissed look, as if you’ve just come from the beach. It’s often seen on models and celebrities.

It creates a more natural appearance than traditional foil highlighting. With Balayage—the word is French for ‘sweep’— the colourist takes sections of hair one by one and then uses a brush to paint the front of strands with a sweeping motion, choosing just where to place the highlights. This method of colouring adds movement and dimension to your hair, creating a look that’s sexy as well as subtle.

The Benefits

Do want hair colour that’s on trend as well as low maintenance? If so, Balayage could be perfect for you. Because highlights are applied thinly, grow out isn’t as noticeable as with foil highlighting. This means you don’t have to refresh your colour as often, so you save trips to the hairdresser.

Because the look is so subtle, it’s a great choice if you’re new to highlighting and not ready for anything too dramatic.

Balayage Exeter

With Balayage, you have a wide range of styling options. It’s a fabulous look for curly hair, but it’s great for straight hair, too. You can straighten your hair without worrying about harsh colour lines. It can be used with almost any texture or length. Because colour is hand painted on, highlighted sections can range from narrow to chunky, depending on your preference.

Is It Right for Everyone?

While Balayage can be used to create beautiful hairstyles, it’s not always appropriate. If you want a very noticeable colour difference, Balayage is the wrong choice. It’s designed to be subtle and isn’t suitable for highlights more than three shades lighter than your natural colour.

Can You Do It Yourself?

When it comes to Balayage, we wouldn’t recommend colouring your hair at home. This technique requires expert skill, precision and specialist equipment. Have your hair coloured professionally to avoid costly mistakes.

At The Hair Boutique in Exeter, our hair colour specialist will use her expertise to determine the shade that best enhances your skin tone and your natural hair colour. She’ll apply your colour expertly, precisely placing each highlight in the most flattering position.

If you’ve already had an unsuccessful go at DIY colouring, we offer a colour correction service to get your hair looking beautiful again.

Cut and Colour

Balayage works with most hairstyles. For an exciting new look, consider Balayage along with a brand new haircut by our expert stylist. You’ll look and feel fantastic.

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