Why A Cold Hair Rinse Is Good For Your Colour

There are so many ways to protect your freshly coloured salon hair. Hopefully you’ve had a good chat to your stylist and bought all the right follow up products for your coloured hair. The next step to protecting your colour is so simple:

Wash your hair in cool/cold water. 

Told you it was simple. There are so many benefits to washing your hair in cool water:

Why is cool water better for your hair than hot water?

Think of your hair like you think of your skin. When you wash your face with hot water, your pores are open, which helps to clean out any dirt. However when your pores are open, they are susceptible to damage/clogging. When hot water is used in excess, it can strip your skin of its natural oils and make your skin dry.
Using cold water on your skin seals your pores shut so you can proceed with putting on moisturiser, makeup etc without it interfering with your pores.

Now apply that to hair. Rinsing your hair with hot water opens the hair cuticle, which not only allows colour to flush out, but can also make your hair dry and frizzy.

When using cold water on your hair, the cuticle is actually being smoothed down. This means your colour is less able to escape from your hair and smooth hair cuticles = shiny hair.


How cold should the water be?

We don’t expect you to start having ice cold showers in the name of good hair. The advice we give is as cool as comfortable. Rinse your hair in water that is as cool as you can enjoy. A shower should still be relaxing and not painful! But keep in mind that the cooler the better, particularly if you are trying to prevent your colour fading.

You can switch between warm water (when shampooing) and a cool rinse, we wouldn’t recommend using scorching hot water on your hair as it causes more harm than good. At the very least we would advise rinsing your hair in cold water just before you get out of the shower. This will ensure your hair cuticle is closed and prevent against damage and frizz.

Is hot water all bad?

One pro of using warm water on your hair is (besides the enjoyment of a piping hot shower) that it can help with deep cleaning your hair. Using warm water with shampoo and your conditioner will open the cuticle. This makes it easier for dirt and oils to be cleaned (but also making it easier for colour to escape).

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