Eyelash Extensions – How to Find the Perfect Look for You

So, you have decided to get eyelash extensions, but how do you know how to find the perfect look for you? We will break down the different styling options in this article.

There may be a look that you have seen on a celebrity but that look may not suit your face. It is important to choose the look that suits you best instead of choosing one that looks good on someone else.

When finding the perfect eyelash extension look there are several factors that will need to be considered including:


This will be the first choice you will make regarding your lash look; diameter. The diameter of your lash extensions should be determined by the diameter of your natural lashes.

For the most part, the goal is to match the diameter of your eyelash extensions to the diameter of your natural lashes. In some cases, you may go slightly thicker than your natural lashes.


Next up, is the length. In most all cases you are looking to extend the length of your natural lashes. Here is where you can determine what type of look you are going for. Dramatic? Natural? Full?

The longer the extension, the wispier they will appear. In contrast, the shorter the lashes, the fuller and darker they will appear.

As a side note, it is important to understand that not everyone’s natural lashes can support long and/or heavy extensions. If your natural lashes are weak, you may want to consider a more subdued look to avoid damage or put extensions on hold until you are able to strengthen your natural lashes a bit.


Lastly, you will determine what type of curl you will want for your lashes. Here are the most common types of eyelash extension curls:

J Curl-this provides the least amount of curl and most closely resembles the curl of natural lashes. Since this is so similar to natural lashes and the goal of extensions is to make your eyes pop, this curl is not often used.

B Curl-this is the most basic curl and gives a very natural lash curl. This type of curl is most commonly used for the inner corners of the eyes to prevent hitting the nose.

C Curl-this is the most commonly used curl type as it gives a noticeable curl without being overly dramatic.

D Curl-this is the most dramatic curl type. This look gives the most noticeable lift.

L Curl-this curl is shaped similar to an “L” and is commonly used for those who have hooded eyes.

Your certified eyelash extension professional will go over the many looks and choices available with you and will help you to find the perfect look for you.

There are many factors that play a role in determining your ideal lash look. The shape of your face, eyes and your current lashes will be considered when deciding which look will suit you best.

Eyelashes have the ability to transform the look of your eyes and with careful consideration and proper guidance you will be able to achieve the beautiful lash look that you desire.

If you would like to find out more, why not arrange a free consultation with one of our beauty experts who can advise you further.

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