Eyelash Extensions – Eyelash Secrets – How to Get the Celebrity Look

It seems that celebrities always have the best features, right down to their eyelash extensions. The secret is that most celebrities were not born with long, full lashes – many choose eyelash extensions to enhance their look.

Eyelashes are one of the most prominent features on your face. Eyelashes have the ability to make your eyes, “the windows to your soul”, really pop.

We’ve all seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian and dreamily admired her luscious lashes. What if there was a way to have dramatic, celebrity inspired lashes of your own? This is where eyelash extensions come in to play.

How to Get the Celebrity Look with Eyelash Extensions

Not everyone is born blessed with long, full lashes. In fact, the majority of us are unsatisfied with our eyelash looks and have tried every mascara, serum and curler on the market looking to achieve the ideal look.

Many people turn to false lashes to create the illusion of perfect lashes and while these are fine for the occasional special event, they need to be applied daily and are really not sustainable for everyday wear.

Eyelash extensions are the perfect way to achieve celebrity style lashes each and every day. Unlike false lashes, eyelash extensions are professionally glued to your existing lashes to create a natural looking lash, with more drama of course.

Eyelash extensions have been one of the hottest up and coming trends among Hollywood’s elite for some years now. And it is now easier than ever for non-celebrities like me and you to emulate their exact look.

Eyelash extensions can be custom tailored to look exactly how you wish. So, if you are looking to get Katy Perry lashes, you can!

Keep in mind that a look that looks perfect on Katy Perry may not be right for you. Eyelash extensions should be custom tailored to fit your specific face and eyes, but that is not to say that you cannot use a celebrity lash look as inspiration.

If you are considering eyelash extensions, the first thing you’ll need to do is book a consultation at your local lash salon. Any reputable salon will have you schedule a consultation prior to your appointment to help assess which lash look will suit you best.

If you are set on a certain celebrity lash look, bring in a picture and share it with your lash expert. Let them know that you desire Kim K worthy extensions.

Your eyelash professional will be able to use that celebrity look as inspiration to create a look the is uniquely your own. The result will be longer, fuller, more dramatic lashes.

If you have been secretly admiring the envy inducing lashes displayed by nearly every celebrity these days, the good news is that you too can have this look!

Eyelash extensions are not just for celebrities. While they are an investment of both time and money, the investment will be well worth it when you see the results and you are able to toss your endless supply of drug store mascaras that never really did the trick.

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